What can I do?

Read as much information as you can before you automatically pay
a fine associated with a car park.

Seek legal council by either
private means or the advice
available from resources listed
at this site.

Boycott organisations such as Woolworths that utilise companies
like ANCP.
This site references my personal experience in dealing with a so called unpaid parking fine issued by Australian National Car Parks (ANCP). Many other people have had similar experiences to my own and so I thought it worthwhile to collect several sources of information to aid in community awareness.

Please, however, be aware that all links and reference on this page lead to either free legal advice and or external pages (with no affiliation to my own) referencing other peoples dealings with Australian National Car Parks as well as their opinions. You should use these sources as a reference only, and if truly concerned, seek professional legal representation. Perhaps, however, the resources on this page may convince you, as is my opinion, that Australian National Car Parks (ANCP) are nothing but an unscrupulous cohort, bullying and harassing people into handing over credit card information and money in an attempt to rort the system. I personally feel they have no legal basis to pursue these so called "unpaid fines", and in that I am not alone.

If you have received a Notice similar to the one opposite, or to find out exactly what happened to me, read my story and join the fight against them.
ANCP Payment Notice
Update: It's now been over 2 years since they alleged I did not display a parking ticket.  I still haven't heard directly from them, or from their debt collection agency, or that screwball "lawyer".  I have not had to go to court, and I have not had to pay back the so called fine!